Accessible Parks Canada

A Research Project By Engineering Health at KITE Research Institute

Making National Parks In Canada Accessible

The Accessible Parks Canada project is an interdisciplinary research project being conducted by the Engineering Health Lab (part of The KITE Research Institute) and affiliated researchers. Our goal is to revise guidelines for making Canada’s national parks more accessible. Our research is supported by funding from Accessibility Standards Canada.

Our Research

National parks are becoming more accessible every year, but we are far from accomplishing true park accessibility for all. From our experience and consultations, we have identified key areas which require further exploration. We will be conducting research in these areas in the upcoming months. Stay tuned!

Accessibility Matrix

One of the main deliverables of this project is a matrix of accessibility solutions. This table will be populated with solutions and design standards to improve accessibility for individuals with disabilities that want to visit national parks and participate in activities there. A snapshot of what we are envisioning can be seen on the right.

Our Blog

Want to learn more about accessibility in outdoor recreational spaces? Check out our blog where we discuss different topics, such as unique accessible adaptions.

Our Partners

We are collaborating and learning from organizations in Canada and around the world who share similar goals of making the outdoors more accessible. 

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