Research Analyst
Safe Evacuation, Improving Accessibility of our National Parks

Zeyad is a Research Analyst with the Engineering Health team at TRI. He is currently working towards obtaining his MASc in Engineering Systems and Computing + AI on a project that is at the convergence of rehabilitation robotics and autonomous feeding operation. Ever since January 2021, Zeyad has been involved in accessibility-related projects alongside the Engineering Health team. He has prototyped an all-mechanical PostureCoach device to mitigate improper posture and has assisted other master’s students in their machine learning projects. He is a co-author of the project titled “Revising Recommendations for Evacuating Individuals with Functional Limitations in the Built Environment”. He is also currently working on our parks project, improving the accessibility of Canada’s national parks and has been involved in the event production for PAC2022 and this year’s PAC2023.