Postdoctoral Fellow
Improving Accessibility of our National Parks, Better Winter Footwear

Neha is a physical therapist from India and a researcher in Canada. She completed her Bachelor’s and Master’s in Physical Therapy from India. She worked there as a physical therapist and lecturer for two years from 2010-2012. In 2016, Neha completed her PhD training, in part funded by Joint Motion Program – Canadian Institute of Health Research Strategic Training Program in Musculoskeletal Health Research and Leadership, under the mentorship of Dr. Joy C MacDermid, at the School of Rehabilitation Sciences, McMaster University, Canada. During her PhD training, she explored the role of modifiable risk factors for preventing secondary falls and osteoporotic fractures among people with wrist fracture. Subsequently, she joined her first postdoctoral fellowship at Lakehead University, Thunder Bay (2017-2020) where she worked on a randomized trial evaluating the effectiveness of a supervisor training program on work disability and workers’ self-reported outcomes among manufacturing workers in Canada.

In June 2021, she joined Engineering Health Team as a Postdoctoral Fellow. As part of this fellowship, she will be working on Fall Prevention, Caregiver Back Injury Prevention, and the National Park Accessibility Projects.