Meng-Fen Tsai

Research Analyst
Fall and Keypoints (Joints) Detection of Elders in Long-term Care Homes

Meng-Fen is a Research Analyst with the Engineering Health team at the UHN KITE Research Institute. She earned a PhD degree from the Institute of Biomedical Engineering at the University of Toronto in 2022. Meng-Fen is enthusiastic about bridging rehabilitation knowledge and AI applications to investigate and improve quality of life of elders and individuals with disability.

In 2023, she joined the Engineering Health lab and worked on a fall and keypoints (joints) detection project that aims to automatically identify which elder may fall or be at a high risk of falling. This project will benefit elders or individuals with disabilities of the lower extremities to track and evaluate their walking ability over time. By collecting the evaluation results, the results can be used to decide whether an intervention is needed to prevent falls.