Hannah Dudney

Research Analyst
Improving Accessibility of our National Parks

Hannah is a Research Analyst with the Engineering Health team at the UHN KITE Research Institute. She graduated from the University of Western Ontario (Western University) in 2019 with a bachelor of arts in sociology of population, aging and health. Afterward, she explored her passion for health and wellbeing within the travel and tourism industry, completing a diploma in travel and tourism at St. Clair College. Now, Hannah pursues a master’s degree at Vancouver Island University in sustainable leisure management, exploring how people who use mobility aids experience crowding and over-tourism in popular parks.

Hannah has joined the Engineering Health Lab recently (2021). Alongside team members, she has begun working on a preliminary document for Accessibility Standards Canada, conducting analyses of various standards and guidelines for accessible tourism. Hannah has also recently joined the Accessible Parks Canada team where she will assist in planning the 2023 Parks Accessibility Conference. She hopes to pursue a PhD with the goal of improving parks and nature-based tourism for people with disabilities.