Determining needs and priorities of informal caregivers of individuals with a history of a pressure injury to inform the development of an educational intervention compendium


Tilak Dutta

Sharon Gabison


Pressure Injuries (also known as “bed sores” and “pressure ulcers”) are a common problem for people who have problems with mobility or sensation. Pressure injuries can delay or complicate the recovery process. Individuals who care for those with pressure injuries experience stress and need information to help them manage pressure injuries. The needs of these unique caregivers have not been studied before. We are currently studying the unique needs of caregivers who are caring for those with pressure injuries. 


The overall objective of this study is to understand the experiences of those caring for individuals with pressure injuries and those living with pressure injuries and to understand the educational needs that these individuals require and to help us to develop the educational tools that are needed for this patient population.


This research is currently ongoing and results are not yet available.